18 Celebrities with Crazy Face Tattoos

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Lil Xan

VMA ACelebrity Face Tattoos Lil Xan

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Out of all of the celebrities with face tattoos, Lil Xan seems to be set on breaking the record for having the most. The young rapper has 11 (and counting) face tattoos. His first face tattoo was “Candy” on his cheek. No, it’s not in reference to eye candy. Candy is really his mom’s name. Awwww? He explained that he thought she would be less mad at him if he got a face tattoo that paid tribute to her. On the other side of his face he has “Zzzz.” After Mac Miller passed away, the “Betrayed” singer got “Memento Mori” (translation: “remember that you will die”) inked above his brow. It was a controversial one and it was followed up with more word tattoos and an upside-down cross on the side of his head.

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