15 Celebrities With Lip Fillers & 5 Whose Lips Are Legit

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Fillers: Farrah Abraham

celebrity lip fillers

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Basically everything on Farrah Abraham‘s face is plastic; no tea, no shade. She never really denied having lip fillers (TBH, there’s no denying the obvious), but she posted her filler-removal on Instagram two days after Kylie briefly got rid of her fillers in 2018. She also had a few botched filler incidents that ended up on TMZ (but we won’t post those here because that’s mean). She got the fillers back sometime between then and now, along with vaginal rejuvenation, butt tightening, nose and chin implants, and three boob jobs, according to InTouch. She’s not exactly the poster child for responsible cosmetic procedures, but at least she’s honest about ’em.

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