Danielle Cohn’s BF’s Parents Slam YouTube Star After Learning “Sensitive Information” About Her

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Danielle Cohn and her boyfriend Mikey Tua haven’t quite been making headlines ever since they announced that they were pregnant, made a four-part video series about telling their parents and getting married, and then revealed the whole thing was a prank. Danielle wasn’t pregnant and they were fake-married “as friends.” LOL, K. Somehow, that sh*tshow wasn’t enough to get Danielle and Mikey’s parents to stop supporting their relationship. But now, after Mikey’s parents learned “sensitive information” about Danielle, they no longer support these tweens’ love affair and they even took away Mikey’s social media as punishment. You couldn’t pay me to go back to middle school.

Danielle says “they are mad because the kicked out there son and he won’t come back home [sic]” and claims “they don’t support us because I know the truth about her and what she does to him,” but some Danielle followers have some other theories about what’s *really* going on. Could this “sensitive information” be that Mikey’s now-supposedly-16-year-old girlfriend is actually a wee 14 as the internet seems to think? That would make their 17-year-old son’s relationship illegal in some states. Or could it be something even worse? Some are saying they wouldn’t be surprised if they found out Dani was dabbling in porn. Even if she is 16 years old, that’s illegal. And if Mikey’s been helping her with it at all, he’s on the hook, too.

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Honestly, we’re just hoping Dani’s parents intervene at some point, too. We understand that she’s probably bringing in a lot of money for her family with her millions of Instagram followers and YouTube subscribers, but if your daughter is faking a teen pregnancy and flying you out to Vegas to watch her fake marriage to her possibly-way-older boyfriend, there should be some consequences.

UPDATE: Mikey Tua’s Dad Delvin Tua Confirms That Danielle Cohn is Not 15 Years Old & That Being With Her Could Have Legal Consequences In Instagram Story:

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