Ariana Grande & Brie Larson Have Cute Twitter Bonding Moment

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Ariana Grande, Brie Larson


We love it when our favorite famous feminists fangirl over each other on social media, so it was quite a treat to see Ariana Grande and Brie Larson cyber-chatting on Twitter over Brie’s Ariana Grande lyrics prowess.

The Captain Marvel actress set the record straight after she went onto Carpool Karaoke with Samuel L. Jackson and impressed with a rendition of “7 Rings.” Some wondered if she was reading the lyrics somewhere because she clearly had them memorized. But nah — Brie’s just got it like that, proving she is, after all, the #relatable QUEEN we all knew she was.

Ari boosted Brie’s statements with a simple “period,” her way of saying that this case is closed so don’t even.

Maybe Brie can make a surprise appearance at one of her shows this spring? If you want to watch Brie and Samuel’s *iconic* car performance, you can check it out below!


(Yes, Ariana has seen it — she posted a clip on her Instagram Stories!) Now can someone please tell us if Samuel L. Jackson really knew all those words to the Ari track? And has Ariana seen Captain Marvel or has she been too busy prepping for her sweetener/thank u, next tour? We have so many questions!

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