Ariana Grande Responds To Video Claiming She Was Rude To A Fan

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Instagram / Ariana Grande

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about Ariana Grande, it’s that she’s always watching. The singer frequently responds to/likes tweets from her fans, and although most of them are usually nice tweets, she does take the time to tell her haters where to go. Yesterday, Ari responded to a video that claimed she was rude to fan who asked about her song “Put Your Hearts Up,” which she allegedly hates.

The girl in the video, whose name is Ryan, claimed that a friend of hers told her that Ariana doesn’t like her 2011 song “Put Your Hearts Up” because of the music video and pointed out that the music video for the song appears to be broken. Ryan then pulled up the music video on her phone which viewers can see skips continuously. She said that when her friend asked Ariana why the video was broken, she allegedly “turned her head,” put her hand up and said, “I don’t need this negativity.”

Ariana responded to the video in a *slightly* passive aggressive tweet. She wrote: “this literally didn’t happen…? no ones ever shown me that. but i woulda just been like ‘oh i dunno why cat valentine’s music video is broken but have a good day my guy.’ people are…. peculiar.”

In the tweet, Ari is clearly denying that she was ever approached by this fan and said what they’re claiming, however, by saying “Cat Valentine’s music video,” she’s kind of confirming the theory that she hates the song. Cat Valentine was the red-headed character Ariana played on Nickelodeon shows Victorious and Sam and Cat up until 2014, and although “Put Your Hearts Up” is an Ariana Grande song, Ari does have red hair in the video and the song came out while she was still filming for Victorious. It sounds like Ari associates the song with her Nickelodeon era and is so over it.

The “Put Your Hearts Up” music video does begin skipping at 1:51 minutes in, however, whether that’s because Ariana hates it or not, we’ll never know.


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