This Ariana Grande Coachella Video Has Fans Shook Because It *Literally* Makes No Sense

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BBC | Supplied by WENN

Optical illusions contribute to some of life’s greatest mysteries. Remember ~the dress~ debacle? (White and gold over here, BTW.) Well now there’s a new optical illusion that has Ariana Grande fans shook and it’s a video that shows Ari walking with her back towards the audience at Coachella 2019, doing a hair flip, and then — without moving her body — seems to be facing the audience, having her head turned around 180 degrees like only an owl can (or a horror movie ghost).


The original poster knew that the video would be a certified whodunnit, calling it Harry Potter and the Mystery of Ariana Grande Turning Her Head To The Front?. Check it out below:

With thousands of likes and counting, fans took to the replies to voice their genuine confusion.

However, some figured out that Ari didn’t really turn her head to face the crowd. Instead, it’s just the silhouette of her chin facing the rear and a 360-degree hair flip that gives the illusion.

Even if Ari didn’t perform some trickery at Coachella this year involving this particular hairflip, we can all agree that Arichella was magic on its own. After all, if Ari really is in Sabrina Spellman‘s coven, it’s not like she could show her powers on stage! There are rules about these kinds of things!

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