Ariana Grande, Tayla Parx, & Victoria Monét Might Be Feuding With Another “7 Rings” Member

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Uh-oh! Today is supposed to be a magical day for Ariana Grande after she dropped her raw, honest, and emotional (and perfect) album thank u, next but there’s officially some ~drama~ involved. Remember Kaydence? She worked on the sweetener album and was part of the group of gals that Ari got diamond rings for and penned “7 Rings” about. Well, the singer/songwriter was not noted in the songwriting credits for four songs that she claims she helped write and has written on a now-deleted Instagram Story that it’s turned the day “sour.”

Claiming “NASA,” “make up,” “thank u, next” and “7 rings,” (she is credited on “7r” as Kimberly Krysiuk, BTW) she wrote, “Unfortunately this has become a sour experience for me because some people don’t know how to fact check and be fair with song credits. Still thankful to be part and hope you guys enjoy.”

Well, credited Ariana collaborator Victoria Monét didn’t want to take the diss and seemed to have responded saying “Damn should we credit Toulouse and Myron too @TAYLAPARX? They were also in the room.” (Toulouse and Myron are Ari’s dogs, the latter of whom she adopted after the death of Mac Miller. Ari responded agreeing, mentioning the puppers did “eat some pizza crust” and saying she had to go get ’em more rings.

Tayla Parx another thank u, next album songwriter clapped back too, calling an unnamed person a “sour grape.” Ari responded to that tweet saying “thank u for your brilliant creative mind but also your strong and professional business side.”

Kaydence has said for a while that she was a part of the album, writing on Instagram “Happy to be part of 4 on here” when she posted the tu,n tracklist. But it looks like the other ladies do not agree and will not be changing the album credits anytime soon.

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