Ariana Grande Gushes Over Watching BTS Rehearse

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The love-fest between Ariana Grande and BTS is *not* stopping. One of the members of the K-Pop sensation, Jungkook, met Ari while she was headlining at Coachella in 2019 and this year, she posted a pic while backstage of her GRAMMY performance rehearsals with the group.

Now, Ari says she “still can’t” stop talking about what fabulous performers they are and what it’s like to see them on stage.

“i was able to watch them rehearse for something and it was the most incredible thing i’ve ever seen,” she wrote on Twitter. “i’m not kidding. i was screaming. i couldn’t stop talking about it [and] still can’t.”

Her praise came after BTS’s very own, Namjoon, told ET, “She’s the one right now,” during a red carpet interview with ET. “When Ariana [was] just practicing next to our big studio … she said she wanted to see our rehearsals and what we were doing and we showed her … she was spitting some bad words [in a good way]. And we saw her rehearsals, too, so we know … what she’s doing tonight, and it was the greatest.” When asked, “you love Ariana?” by the interviewer, all the other boys in BTS nodded their heads in complete agreement.

This isn’t the first time BTS has raved over seeing Ariana perform. While holing up a ‘7 rings’ dollar bill with Ari’s dog, Toulouse, on it, Jungkook said, he “learned a lot after seeing her stage.” How sweet!

We just have a feeling that there’s a collaboration coming. After all, with so much love shared between the guys in BTS and Ari, how could there not be?

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