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Ariana Grande Ditches Her Signature Ponytail For A Much Shorter New ‘Do

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Over the years, we’ve seen Ariana Grande change her hairstyle quite a bit. She’s tried blunt bangs, french braids, and even dyed her hair pink once. However, no hairstyle has come close to her signature high ponytail – the ICONIC hairstyle she’s been sporting for years now! But it seems like the “No Tears Left to Cry” singer has ditched her long hair for a shoulder-length bob!

Anyone who knows Ariana knows that she’s the queen of ponytails, so when she debuted a much shorter ‘do on Instagram Thursday, November 15th, fans collectively lost their minds. We shouldn’t be too surprised, though, given everything that’s happened to her this year. There’s nothing better than a little transformation after a breakup meaning Ariana could just be reinventing herself following her recent split from Pete Davidson. This might also have nothing to do with the comedian at all and it could simply mean she’s saying “thank u, next” to her iconic ponytail for good.

Whatever her reason, Ariana’s hair looks amazing! Take a look below:

Like we said, in the past, she’s changed her hair color and style but she’s never cut it this short. Does this mean farewell to the pony forever? Likely not, since extensions and wigs are commonly used in Hollywood. Everyone does it: Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Rihanna – just to name a few. But, Ariana’s decision to chop her hair could also just be her giving her hair a break. It’s not healthy to always have your hair in a pony and she recently revealed how much pain it causes her on the daily.

Earlier this month, she opened up to Camila Cabello on Twitter after the former Fifth Harmony singer tweeted that doing a high ponytail hurt her head.

Whether she goes back to her pony hairstyle or not, Ariana’s short new chop will hopefully relieve some of the pain. Meanwhile, we know exactly what photo to show our hairdressers during our next appointment. We absolutely adore the fresh hairstyle and think it really suits her.

Even Demi Lovato approves. The singer, who’s been out of the spotlight since her July overdose, commented on Ariana’s pic, writing, “Cutie” alongside three pink hearts.

Right now we don’t know what made Ariana chop it all off, but honestly, a number one song and a new ‘do? We can’t think of a better way to move on.

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