Ariana Grande Offers To Help Fans Affected By Coronavirus Pandemic

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The Coronavirus pandemic has hit the States and with it, there have been job lay-offs, supply shortages, and general anxieties as people are encouraged to stay inside in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Ariana Grande says she “can’t complain” (TBH, Ari basically invented ‘social distancing’), but that she will be here personally for those who can and are asking for help.

Yesterday, the “Dangerous Woman” singer was interacting with her fans via Twitter. One fan asked how she was holding up with the pandemic.

“i’m fine,” she wrote. “i’d be an assh*le if i complained. just watching things, calling friends, cooking and looking for ways to help ppl who don’t have it as easily as i do rn.”

She continued, “if any of y’all need anything, any help at all pls tell me to check DMs.” She later clarified, “i meant if u need help with anything !!! not to tell me like ‘hi myron’.” Myron, BTW, is Ari’s dog that she adopted after Mac Miller passed away in 2018.

Ariana is not the only celeb looking to aid fans during this unprecedented time. Over the weekend, Britney Spears offered to help three ‘struggling’ fans cope with the consequences of Coronavirus, announcing so on her Instagram Stories. Rihanna‘s charitable foundation also donated a cool $5 million to Coronavirus relief. It looks like stars are trying to help in their own way — even if that “Imagine” video didn’t go over the way they intended.