Fans Think Ariana Grande Shaded Selena Gomez In Vogue Interview

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Most people are loving Ariana Grande’s new music video for “In My Head,” which was accompanied with a Vogue cover shoot and an interview with Rob Haskell where she talked about her music, Mac Miller, and Manchester. That is, most people like it except Selena Gomez stans, who interpreted Ari’s quotes about social media as shade to their favorite pop queen.

During the interview, the “No Tears Left To Cry” songstress says, “I’m not taking one of those corny breaks from social media where you’re like, ‘The internet hurts me, I’m leaving, goodbye.’ But I’ve definitely established a new boundary.” Ari never “quits” social media, but she does spend some time connecting with fans almost incessantly, and other times just sends a couple of tweets a week for promo. For Ari, it’s about balance, but for other stars, when the internet gets too brutal, they announce “breaks from social media.” Demi Lovato did this most recently (and does it frequently), but other stars like Justin Bieber have done the same. Of course, Selena’s done it, too. For some reason, SelGo fans are *convinced* that Ari was aiming this quote at Sel. Maybe because Demi and Justin are both managed by Scooter Braun like she is?

Not going to lie, Ari could’ve been shading anyone. Sure, Selena has said she thinks social media is “terrible” for her generation and has taken social media breaks on several occasions, most recently, last fall, but even the person opening up for Ariana on tour, Normani has taken a break from social media in the past! We feel like this quote was probably just a general statement and not something super serious aimed at Selena Gomez — even if they are the two most-followed women on Instagram.

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