Why Fans Think Ariana Grande & Shawn Mendes Collabed On A Song

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Ariana Grande and Shawn Mendes are probably the biggest artists on the planet right now, so it’d be an absolute dream if the two of them came together to release a song — it’s pretty surprising that they haven’t done so already! That’s why it wasn’t super surprising that fans absolutely lost it when a Shawn fan account seemed to come across a possible collaboration between the two artists on lyric sharing site Genius.

The fan account shared a screen recording of what appeared to be a new Ariana track named “Saturn.” The only lyrics that can be seen on the page read: “This Bout’ to take a turn, I feel like I’m on Saturn, Head in the clouds, he’d be so proud.” BUT, the video shows the track information at the end of the page and it says the song was written by and features Shawn Mendes.

Both Ariana and Shawn fans went crazy on Twitter, with one fan writing: “i will actually pass out if this is real i was crying over their pic together at vmas there is no way i would be able to handle this.” Fans’ joy was cut short, however, because an Ariana fan account has seemingly proved that it’s all fake news.

The life-ruiner took to Twitter yesterday to crush everyone’s dreams by sharing another photo of the “song lyrics,” alongside a caption that says there’s no sign of the song on Genius and that the collaboration is all one big lie. She wrote: “The rumored collaboration between Ariana Grande & Shawn Mendes that has been spread around the internet is based on a page created by a fan with no source of information on Genius, which clearly means it’s not real,” and added, “Saturn is completely FAKE!”

We’d be lying if we said we weren’t disappointed to hear that we won’t be getting an Ariana/Shawn song any time soon, at least according to this fan. Seeing as the two singers have collaborated with every other major pop star out there (Nicki Minaj, Camila Cabello, Khalid), we can’t but wonder what they are waiting for?!

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