Ariana Grande Says “You Have No Idea” What Her Relationship with Mac Miller Was Like

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There are indeed many tears left to cry, especially when you hear what Ariana Grande has to say about Mac Miller in her latest interview with US Vogue. In the August issue of the fashion magazine, the “Sweetener” singer talks about her relationship with Mac and the period following his death with unprecedented candor.

While the interview covers the last two jam-packed years of Ari’s career, from Manchester to her broken engagement to Pete Davidson, it hits the hardest when Ariana starts talking about Mac. While she has traditionally remained relatively silent on the subject of her on-and-off relationship with Mac that was decidedly off at the time of his death, Ariana told Vogue, “They didn’t see the years of work and fighting and trying, or the love and exhaustion … you have no idea how many times I warned him that that would happen and fought that fight, for how many years of our friendship, of our relationship.”

With her traditional wise-beyond-her years’ wisdom and eloquence, Ariana describes how her relationship with Mac started to dissolve despite the love that the two of them shared. On the subject of breaking off their engagement, Ari says, “I was the glue for such a long time, and I found myself becoming . . . less and less sticky. The pieces just started to float away.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Ariana talked about how closely she associated Coachella with her past love, making her headlining act at this year’s festival even more emotional. “I was always a person who never went to festivals and never went out and had fun like that,” she said. “But the first time I went was to see Malcolm perform, and it was such an incredible experience. I went the second year as well, and I associate…heavily…it was just kind of a mindf*ck, processing how much has happened in such a brief period.”

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August cover star @arianagrande is one of the world’s biggest pop stars, and through her soul-bearing music, often lets us all in on her emotions, her thoughts, and her relationships. Her new video for “In My Head,” one of the most revealing, intimate songs from her February release Thank U, Next, takes this confessional tendency literally, as Grande dances, shoulder-pops, poses, and struts around inside the white room of her own mind. Tap the link in our bio to watch the full video. Director @bardiazeinali Fashion Editor @jordenbickham Director of Photography @kellyjeffrey Hair @thejoshliu Makeup @chinchilla Production Design @laurennikrooz Producer, @NorthSixproductions @yiauekitalki Video Editor @instagrahamsam, @modern.post VFX @the_frender VFX Supervisor @maxcoltt Colorist Tim Masick, @company_3 Music “In My Head” by @arianagrande Title Design @duzansky Hair Extensions provided by @iloveindique, @insertnamehere Special Thanks to @metpostny Filmed at @pier59studios

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While it’s common knowledge that Thank U, Next, Ari’s follow-up to Sweetener, was recorded in a fever pitch, Ariana opens up for the first time about how it was both traumatic and healing to record in the wake of Mac’s death. She says that it was her friends who encouraged her to get into the studio following Mac’s overdose. Apparently, the recording of Thank U, Next was filled with champagne and real talk between Ariana and her friends. “I’m completely honest, I don’t remember those months of my life because I was (a) so drunk and (b) so sad,” Ariana said.

It’s nice to know that Ariana copes with trauma in basically the say way we do. You know, if we also recorded platinum albums while crying with our besties.

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