Arie Luyendyk Jr. Clapped Back At A Fellow Bachelorette Rival

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Arie Luyendyk Jr. can really hold a grudge. The former Bachelor star waited a whole year to respond to a takedown from Jef Holm, the winner of Arie’s original season of The Bachelorette. It’s been so long that Jef doesn’t even use Twitter anymore, so I guess Arie’s victory will be short-lived.

Jef originally tweeted that he would give five thousand dollars to the charity of Chris Harrison‘s choice if Arie lasted a year with any of his bachelorettes. Arie shockingly has been with Lauren Burnham for over a year and the couple is expecting their first child in 2019, so he took the opportunity to clap back as a nice one-year anniversary gift to himself.

I can’t help but wonder if Arie waited the full year to respond because he also wasn’t sure if he’d make it that long with his choice (or, I guess, his second choice). Arie’s response seemed a little unnecessarily vitriolic considering the original tweet was pretty lowkey (one commenter noted that Arie had more personality in this tweet than he did in his entire Bachelor season), but the feud between Arie and Jef goes way back to 2012 when it made sense for either of them to be relevant.

The pair started out as friends despite being the final two on Emily Maynard‘s season, but a Bachelor-worthy confrontation at Sean and Catherine Lowe‘s wedding in 2014 severed their relationship. Since then, their fight has been relegated to Twitter and podcasts where Jef called Arie disgusting and Arie said Jef was just jealous of him. Jef’s also probably the root of that “rumor” that Arie used to troll Arizona sorority houses for desperate co-eds after going on Emily’s Bachelorette season (which makes sense considering his bait-and-switch with Becca Kufrin was some fratboy B.S.).

Now that Arie’s stopped preying on eighteen-year-olds and has finally made up his mind for once, he’s set to marry Lauren B. on Jan 12 with Chris Harrison officiating. Does making it to one year with Lauren really count if she accidentally got pregnant like four months into their relationship? Honestly, it must be true love if she’s willing to change her last name to Luyendyk, so congrats to the happy couple.

It’s too soon to tell if Jef will be making good on his bet (time to put his trust fund money where his mouth is!) or if he’ll even see the Tweet now that his account is just links to Instagram posts, but I’m sure Arie’s glad he had the last laugh (and a healthy relationship).

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