Audio of Justin Bieber Yelling At Hailey Bieber Concerns Fans

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A recent outburst from Justin Bieber — on Valentine’s Day, no less — has fans worried that the “Intentions” singer may not be treating his wife as well as he should. Just weeks after paparazzi caught J.B. shutting the car door on Hail during what appeared to be a fight, a video the model posted to Instagram audibly hears Justin shouting at Hailey after she beat him at skeeball.

“This is my score; this is his score,” Hailey says in the video which shows two skeeball machines at an arcade: hers with a 2050 score and his with 500. But soon, viewers could hear him interrupting her.

“Baby, I wasn’t TRYING!” Justin can be heard shouting at her. Some thought that he must be joking (after all, who gets that upset over a skeeball machine), but others thought that the deep vibration in his voice meant that the outburst was legitimate.

Hailey clearly isn’t too fazed by this kind of behavior from her husband. She just shows him pouting and says “I beat you. Accept it!”

One Swiftie posted the video to Twitter, writing, “So not only does Justin slam the door on Hailey as she gets out of the car, he also acts like a raging lunatic when she beats him in an arcade game.” She ;ater continued, “The amount of people who think the tone he’s using indicates he’s “obviously joking” is concerning. Like contrast his tone with Hailey’s to see the difference.”

Still, Hailey posted photos from the evening at the arcade, calling him “cwazzzyyy.” In the photos, Justin is also sporting a sombrero, which typically isn’t a great look for a white Canadian.

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happy valentines day cwazzzyyy ❣️

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