Azealia Banks Goes On Anti-Gay Rant On Instagram Before Dissing Charli XCX & Lana Del Rey

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We have to believe that Azealia Banks is unwell. A few weeks ago, the “212” hitmaker published her own address on social media while saying that someone with a gun was trying to break into her house, she garnered controversy for “predicting” that Meghan Markle would die in a car crash in 2020, and now Azealia is going on an unprompted homophobic tirade on Instagram.

Among Instagram comments using the f-slur, she also told someone to “go die of aids [sic]” and claims that “gays never had anyone to love that’s why they all stuck in the cesspool they call gay culture catching diseases and dying because they[‘re] sex addicts.” Yeah, it’s pretty bad.

This recent outburst goes directly against former words that Azealia has said in favor of the LGBTQ+ population. During a years-old “Breakfast Club” interview, she’s told that “one of the interns here says that you make music for gays.” Without a beat, Azealia responded at the time, “I do. What’s wrong with that?”

But then in 2016, the artist got suspended from Twitter for racist and homophobic tweets — some of which were pointed at One Direction‘s Zayn Malik. In 2016, she compared the LGBT community to the KKK and said that Zayn was the f-slur.

Around the same time she was attacking gay people on Instagram most recently, she accused Charli XCX and Lana Del Rey for being “fake bitches” and bad friends but then urged them to stop smoking cigarettes because “the last thing [she] wants is to see [them] suffer.” She also slammed Grimes music and talked about Elon Musk‘s ~package~ responding to the Coronavirus. It’s a whole lot and we are overwhelmed with how all=over-the-place this mess is.

It seems like Azealia Banks’ public image is consistently ebbing and flowing through her problematic tirades before she makes a comeback. But attacking people for no reason on Instagram is another mark against her and we have to wonder if she’s in sound mind while writing this bullsh*t all over the internet.