Bachelorette Alum Mike Johnson Addresses Rumors He’s Dating Demi Lovato

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Mike Johnson Demi Lovato Dating Rumors

Instagram / Mike Johnson & Demi Lovato

The Bachelorette star Mike Johnson finally addressed rumors that he and Demi Lovato are hooking up. The 27-year-old singer was a huge fan of the ABC reality show as it aired over the summer, and she made it clear that her favorite to win on Hannah Brown’s season of the series was Mike.

She expressed her love for him via Instagram Stories as the show aired, then at the end of May, Demi posted to her Stories as she watched the dating show with her mom. “He should win,” the singer could be heard saying on her Instagram Story when Mike came on the screen and called out Luke Parker for telling Hannah he loved her so early on in the season. Later on after Mike was eliminated from the show, Demi took to her Insta Stories again to give a commentary. “Swing me, kiss me!” she could be heard saying, before writing: “Mike I accept your rose” on one of her Stories. She also went to the After The Final Rose special and sat front row.

Fans of the show have been dying to know whether or not Demi and Mike have hooked up since the show ended following in the steps of Wells Adams and Tyler Cameron who have ~gotten to know~ Bachelor alum once the show wrapped. Mike expressed that he would be interested in getting in touch with Demi Lovato, previously telling People, “She would definitely be cool to reach out to, but neither one of us have reached out to each other. I think she’s sexy, she’s got a nice little booty on her and she has a good voice.” What a string of compliments.

Despite this, the reality star and singer haven’t struck up a romantic relationship just yet … or even a platonic one. “We have not connected and we have not exchanged any freaky texts at all,” Mike told People yesterday.

Mike may be too busy to connect with Demi right now, considering he’s in the running to become the next Bachelor. We’re sure Demi will tune in to see her “Booboo” on that show, too.

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