Bachelorette Star Mike Johnson Responds To Rumors He’s Dating Tayshia Adams

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Last week, Bachelor in Paradise fans were SHOOK when photos of Mike Johnson and Tayshia Adams looking pretty cozy began circulating around the web. The news was scandalous, especially because Mike is rumored to be dating singer Demi Lovato, and Tayshia just made her relationship with fellow Bachelor in Paradise star John Paul Jones Instagram official. The photos leaked just days after we reported that some people think Tayshia and JPJ are faking their relationship, so the pics made those rumors look WAY more believable.

However, Mike has since responded to the photos, which were taken at an event in Las Vegas, and he’s shutting dating rumors right down. He told Us Weekly that his fellow BIP stars were all at the event, and that y’all are just reaching. “Dean was right there, Caelynn was right there, Derek was right there,” he said. “Tayshia and I FaceTimed JPJ when we were in the car going to some event. She is happy and is beautiful in her relationship with JPJ. Those guys would never let me try to mack on all of our friends’ girlfriend. And vice versa … That’s just BS, like no. She’s an attractive woman, but not for me. She’s in a relationship and I may or may not be talking to someone as well.”

He continued: “We live in a day and age where if I give a woman a hug, and she’s an attractive woman, they may say, ‘Oh, they’re together.’ It’s ridiculous at this point in time.”

Okay, so Mike and Tayshia aren’t hooking up, but how’s his relationship with Demi? He wouldn’t spill the beans to Us Weekly, but did tell the publication he’s just “so happy right now,” whatever that means. We can assume things are going well. The 24-year-old told Us that he took Demi, 27, on a date earlier this month. “We’re both from Texas. We love getting tattoos, we love laughing. We’re goofy. We both love music,” he said about their shared interests. “I’m just not blessed in that regard, but with the right music, I’m just happy.”

As for Tayshia? She already shut down rumors that she and JPJ are faking their relationship via her Instagram comments. So, maybe we should just leave the BIP stars alone, for now.

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