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Barbara Palvin Gushes Over “Perfect” Boyfriend Dylan Spouse

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Barbara Palvin and boyfriend Dylan Sprouse are quite possibly one of the cutest celebrity couples RN. Ever since they started dating, they’ve been serving major relationship goals for all of us. They’re young, hot AF, and they seriously look head over heels in love. It turns out, they really are as real as it gets, and the Victoria Secret model let us in on how she knows Dylan is the man for her.

In a video interview for Vogue Australia‘s “Model Diaries,” Barbara admitted that she’d been single for six years before meeting the former Disney Channel star and said that he was absolutely worth the wait. “It’s not normal for me to have a boyfriend,” she explained. “I was single for six years. It did pay off, I feel like I found the perfect guy. He’s very kind and gentle.”

A perfect guy indeed after he showed up to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show red carpet with a bag of Shake Shack burgers to celebrate Barbara walking the iconic runway for the very first time. The actor even posted this photo on Instagram alongside the sweetest tribute ever:

Oh, these Sprouse brothers. They’re just so damn romantic. Elsewhere in the interview, Barbara also revealed that she’s very much in love with Dylan after she described what the definition of a perfect day consists of for her. “Because that’s what I do on my day off, I spend it with the people I love and I’m very much in love right now,” she says in the clip. “It’s a very good feeling.”

The couple ends up meeting in the video to have lunch together and, apart from the visible chemistry between them, you can tell that they just like being around each other. However, Dylan knows not to get too close. “She doesn’t like cuddling very much. I try to give her hugs and she’s like, ugh,” he added before she responded: “I’m a strong, independent woman who wants to be free with you.”

In Barbara’s defense, PDA isn’t for everyone. Just look at Dylan’s twin brother Cole Sprouse and girlfriend Lili Reinhart. Luckily for us fans, Dylan is a little less private when it comes to his romantic relationships. We’re glad, too, because otherwise we wouldn’t be blessed with all the adorable photos and videos he and Barbara post on social media. Do you ship them as much as we do?

Watch Barbara’s interview below – and yes, prepare to swoon so effin’ hard.

[youtube_iframe id=”F-ohkW13W54″]

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