Bella Thorne Has Already Rebounded From Mod Sun Breakup & Tana Mongeau Chimes In

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Bella Thorne and her longtime boyfriend, rapper Mod Sun, broke things off about a month ago, and since then, things have gotten *em* a bit dramatic. Ending a long relationship is always tough, but at the time it seemed like the actress was taking things really well. She even posted an Instagram of the two in happier times, captioning it “I will always love you. All good things must come to an end. ?” Super sweet, right?

It turns out things were not as chill as they seemed between the former couple. In an interview last week, Mod Sun AKA Derek Smith joked about selling his ex’s stuff on E-Bay. And when Bella showed up the rapper’s house to collect her stuff, he allegedly called the cops on her! Oh $H*!. Though no charges were filed against the former Famous In Love actress, this probably means the two aren’t going to be friends any time soon.

Don’t worry, this only gets better. Bella took to Twitter last week and called her ex press-hungry for starting so much drama! Not only did Mod reply to her, but so did Bella’s other ex, Tana Mongeau. The two dated for a little over a year while B was also dating Mod Sun. Tana said that it, “breaks [her] heart” to see the drama going down between Bella and Mod, especially because they were in a “throuple” for a brief time and Mod Sun sent Tana a care package after the YouTuber broke up with her boyfriend Brad Sousa after he admitted to cheating.

Just yesterday, super cute Italian singer Benjamin Mascolo posted a racy Instagram of himself with the Shake It Up girl. Seems to be an IG official from where we are standing! Bella didn’t post the snap on her feed, but she did give the picture a shoutout on her Instagram story.

TL;DR: things are definitely done between Bella Thorne and Mod Sun. Things got dramatic between the two of them IRL and on social media. But Bella already has a new BF and has been hanging out with ex Tana Mongeau. Perhaps Benjamin, Bella, Tana, and her potential bae Jake Paul will form some type of quad-rouple? We wouldn’t put it past these crazy kids.

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