BLACKPINK Fans Mistake Dua Lipa For James Charles In Video With Jisoo

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BLACKPINK James Charles Dua Lipa

Instagram / Dua Lipa & James Charles

We know everyone in Hollywood is slowly starting to morphe into one another thanks to filler and cosmetic surgery trends, but this confusion is one of the most hilarious celeb lookalike slipups we’ve ever seen. Yesterday, a video of BLACKPINK singer Jisoo meeting *James Charles* started doing the rounds on Twitter. BLACKPINK fans who aren’t too fond of James shared the video with comments about how they were “going to get Jisoo out” of the situation and questioned why she would even take a photo with the influencer in the first place. Take a look.

The hate isn’t unusual for James, who usually gets comments from an awful lot of trolls, but the only issue is, that’s not James Charles in the video — it’s Dua Lipa. Jisoo and the British singer were both at the Burberry AW19 fashion show in London yesterday, and if you take a look at Dua’s Instagram page, you’ll see she was wearing the very outfit “James” was wearing in the clip meeting Jisoo. The K-Pop singer and Dua also follow each other on Instagram.

Once someone realized that Jisoo actually met Dua in the clip and not James, Twitter had the funniest reaction ever.

I mean, they both have dark hair, chiseled cheekbones, and thick brows — it was an easy mistake!

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