OMG ALERT: Kylie Jenner & Jordyn Woods’s Feud Might Be Over

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Omg, it looks like estranged celebrity besties Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods might have buried the hatchet and we’re not sure how we feel about this. (Is Khloe Kardashian okay? We’re mainly worried about Khloe.)

You might know that Kylie and her crew were out and about on Friday night celebrating the birthday of her pal Stassie Karanikolaou. The group was spotted in the upper-level VIP section of the club Bootsy Bellows. And who was in the lower level VIP section? None other than Kylie’s former BFF Jordyn Woods! Kylie apparently walked down from her section to go talk to Jordyn. (We’re obsessed with this as it is both the ultimate power move and kind of a sweet gesture.) The pair chatted for a bit, and sources say it was as not-awkward as a run in between two girls whose friendship was torn apart when one slept with the other’s sister’s baby daddy could be. Good for them!

Adding to the drama was the fact that serial cheater and occasional basketball player Tristan Thompson was also spotted at Bootsy Bellows on the same night. If you’re confused about what this means, here’s a refresher: Tristan Thompson had a baby with Kylie’s older sister Khloe. Earlier this year, he reportedly cheated on Khloe with Jordyn, Kylie’s best friend. *Lots* of messy drama ensued, including Jordyn moving out of Kylie’s guest house and her receiving the full wrath of a coordinated Kardashian social media unfollow.

So it’s crazzzy that Tristan had the nerve to show up to Bootsy Bellows at all, let alone approach Kylie in the VIP section. But apparently he did that, proving the man has absolutely no shame at all. Kylie ignored him, as she should.

We hope that this is a sign that Kylie and Jordyn will be able to repair their friendship. It would be a shame if a man as boring as Tristan Thompson was able to keep them apart forever. In the meantime, can someone please confirm to us that Khloe is okay with all of this?

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