BTS Stans Getting Dragged For Creating Disgusting Cameron Boyce Memes

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Fans of K-Pop supergroup BTS are being criticized for posting heartless memes about the late Cameron Boyce. The 20-year-old Disney star passed away in his sleep on Saturday night from an “ongoing medical condition.” Cameron had starring roles in Disney productions Jessie and The Descendants trilogy and had also starred in Grown Ups alongside Adam Sandler and Salma Hayek.

Although the majority of comments about Cameron’s death have been largely respectful and supportive, with multiple celebrities coming forward to pay their respects to the young star, stans of groups BTS and BLACKPINK have been posting some pretty disturbing tweets about the actor, saying that he wouldn’t have died if he had of “stanned” the K-Pop groups.

We’re not going to embed the nasty tweets in this post, but Twitter users and other K-Pop fans have come out to defend the late actor and criticize stan accounts for making such hurtful and inappropriate comments.

This isn’t the first time K-Pop fans have been criticized for their behavior. There are entire Reddit and Quora threads about BTS stans and why they are a toxic community. People report that they’ve experienced “death threats” after they’ve expressed a different opinion to those of BTS fans. Although it does appear to be BTS and BLACKPINK fans making the insensitive memes, a lot of fellow fans of the group have spoken out to try to stop the hateful comments and express that not all fans are like that.

If you do see any hateful tweets, Twitter users are encouraged not to engage and to report any harmful comments.

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