Camila Cabello Is Blocking Fans Who Say Shawn Mendes Relationship Is Fake

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Camila Cabello blocks

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Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes are under a lot of scrutiny from fans and the media as of late. The couple went public with their *relationship* last month after they were spotted out and about holding hands and kissing. Despite them appearing to be a normal couple in the early stages of a relationship, haters (and some fans) have accused the singers of faking the relationship, claiming that it’s all a publicity stunt.

It looks like Camila has had enough of the people who are saying her relationship is fake because fans have noticed that the singer has blocked people who have commented on the ~convenience~ of her and Shawn’s new romance. If you need a reminder, Shawn and Camila were first spotted out together looking all cute right after they dropped their latest single “Señorita.”

Some fans of Camila are upset, however, as she appears to be blocking fans who are genuinely just curious about her relationship with Shawn.

Other fans have pointed out that it could be Camila’s team or management blocking people so that she doesn’t have to see negative comments about her relationship with Shawn, which isn’t too far fetched seeing as a lot of celebrities allow management to have access to their socials.

Either way, Camila is NOT HERE for people who are questioning her and Shawn’s intentions, even if their pap photos look staged AF … (Please don’t block me.)

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