Camila Cabello & Dylan O’Brien Reportedly Playing Love Interests In Upcoming Cinderella Movie

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Some think that Camila Cabello has rebounded from her recent ex Matthew Hussey with Teen Wolf actor Dylan O’Brien after the two were allegedly seen together having coffee. But there might be more to the story than that (also men and women can get coffee together without dating, but that’s beside the point). A Portuguese pop culture update account is reporting that the two were actually hanging out in preparation for the Cinderella movie in which Camila will play the Disney princess and Dylan will play her Prince Charming.

According to Twitter, that translates to “FOFOS: Camila Cabello and Dylan O’Brien were seen at a café in Hollywood and rumor has it that both are working together in the movie “Cinderella”, where Camila is the protagonist and Dylan would be [her] romantic pair.”

Last April it was reported that Camila would be taking part in the live-action remake of Cinderella, but Dylan’s involvement has never been confirmed, so fans are skeptical that DiskPOP has the correct information. That said, Camila fans are stoked to these two get matched up — and yes, some are hoping that a romance is brewing, too.

WBK that Camila was a fan of Dylan’s acting because she tweeted about how much she liked Maze Runner, so it’s safe to say she’s DTWT (down to work together).

We love when things come full circle. Now can some paps please hook us up with photos from this alleged coffee date? Please and thanks.

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