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Camila Cabello Opens Up About Love Life For First Time — & Spills on 5H Relationship!

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Love is in the air! Camila Cabello has opened up about the special man in her life for the first time ever. She appears on the holiday issue of Marie Claire, where she dished about her relationship with boyfriend Matthew Hussey and revealed that he makes her the happiest she’s ever been.

Though the “Havana” singer has kept very quiet about her romance with the dating guru, she couldn’t help but gush over him during her interview. “He’s so similar to me. In person, we’re just weird and silly and stupid together. He makes me the happiest I’ve ever been in my life,” she said.

But despite the fact that they’ve been together for almost a year now, Camila admitted that she still freaks out when Matthew, who fans believe she wrote “Never Be The Same” about, is in the audience at her concerts. “Any time he’s there, I get super nervous. I stutter or my hands are shaky,” she said, adding that she gets shy just talking about him in general. “It’s annoying, because we’ve been together for kind of like a long time now, but every time, I’m like, ‘Oh my God, I have to talk now.'”

This sounds like a woman in love! Camila also told the magazine her family completely approves of her beau. What’s not to love really? He’s handsome AF, he’s charming AF, and he has a British accent. We’re sure the whole fam swoons over him as much as Camila does. Just look at him:

The couple reportedly met on the set of Today, but only appeared to make things official after photos of them kissing in Cabo made headlines in February. Since then, Camila and Matthew have kept their relationship on the DL, but they’ve been spotted together in public on more than one occasion.

It’s really nice to see Camila so happy, especially after everything that went down with Fifth Harmony after she left the group. Aside from opening up about Matthew, she also discussed the status of her relationship with her ex Harmonizers. She detailed an encounter she had with Normani at the Billboard Awards back in May, revealing that she thinks “they’re all good now.”

“I told her, ‘I just want you to know, I really hope we can all move on from everything, and I’m genuinely happy for the other girls, and I hope you tell them I wish you the best.’ And she was like, ‘I’m so proud of you.’ It felt like everything is totally fine,” Camila said.

There’s nothing but love in Camila’s life – and we couldn’t be happier for her.

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