Chad Michael Murray Seems To Really Love Cults In Recent Interview

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Chad Michael Murray finally showed up on Riverdale last night, and it was well worth the wait. In case you missed Edgar Evernever’s iconic slow clap, let me break it down for you: Chad is the newest DILF on the CW hit, knocking Skeet Ulrich out of the top spot. Sorry, Skeet, you’re still hot tho. His character is a nefarious cult leader who’s managed to get women of all ages to drop everything and move into his farm. Yup, that checks out.

Me, if Chad Michael Murray asked me to move into the wilderness with him:

chad Michael murray loves cults


Chad gave an interview to Cosmopolitan about his return to teen television as a dad, and it was mostly about cults TBH.

He brought it up before the interviewer could, mentioning that his decision to join the cast was partly because his wife loves Riverdale, but also partly because he’s always down to play a cult leader. Okay, fair. Then the interviewer asked him directly about how cults are getting super popular (like, in the media, not in an actual “15 Cults You Need To Join RN For Your Self-Care!” type of way), and Chad responds with how interesting it is to try and figure out what would lead people to join a cult in the first place. Once again, if it’s led by someone as hot as Chad, that really isn’t a question that needs to be asked.

“I think when you look at any one particular person who can have that much power over a group of individuals, and lead a group using their own theories and perspectives on life, that’s always fascinating,” he included.

Talking about *his* cult leader character, Edgar, Chad said that it’s more powerful of him to have shown his power rather than explain it. That’s hot. Then he ended the interview by saying that the chance to explore the cult world made taking the role a “no brainer.”

What I’m hearing here is Chad either really wants to join a cult or really wants to start one, and clearly, I’m hoping for the latter. Scientologists have Xenu, I have Lucas Scott.

When he wasn’t talking about cults, Chad pointed out that it’s been sixteen years since he started filming One Tree Hill. It’s almost scary that he looks pretty much the same as he did during OTH season one, just with a lil’ more facial hair. How can the only teen rom-com lead of 2004 be old enough to play the *father* of a high school student? Genuinely shook.

We only got a glimpse of Edgar last night, but a scoop from EW shows that he’ll be having a candlelight convo with our favorite lesbian orphan, Cheryl Blossom, sometime in the near future. The whole “my only living parent is a sex worker” thing definitely makes her a good candidate for cult brainwashing (although I personally took her for more of a cult ~leader~ type), so we’d bet that she’ll be the first member of the Scooby Gang to give into Edgar’s charms. Say what you want about Cheryl, but the girl has good taste.

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