Charlie Puth Deleted His Tweet About BTS & BTS Army Is Dragging Him

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Instagram / Charlie Puth

If you’re a fan of either Charlie Puth or BTS, you’ll know that the singer and K-Pop group have been massive stans of each other for quite some time now. BTS singer Jungkook, in particular, had a cute online friendship with Charlie that all stemmed from a cover he posted of Charlie’s hit song “We Don’t Talk Anymore” back in 2017. Now, it looks like Charlie and BTS’s friendship might be over.

Two years ago, Charlie tweeted saying that he really liked BTS’s music. BTS was delighted, obviously, and quickly replied to the tweet saying “We really like Charlie Puth’s music.” Fans were happy to see the pop icons supporting each other, but this week fans have noticed that Charlie has since deleted his tweet praising the K-Pop group… which is super rude, tbh.

Charlie also tweeted about female K-Pop group Black Pink this month, who are considered BTS rivals by the fans. Because of this, Charlie’s being accused of pretending to like popular groups for “clout,” and BTS Army is coming for him hard.

“charlie puth deleted the tweet ‘I like bts music’ and now he goes around tweeting about color color looking for their attention. proof #1 he only wanted clout,” one user wrote.

“So Charlie Puth deleted his tweet about BTS and since we didn’t give him the clout he wanted now he moved onto Blckpink. To know that JK loves him so much, disappionted but not surprised,” said another.

It looks like BTS fans aren’t going to forgive Charlie for this any time soon. Can’t he just support both groups?

In other Charlie Puth news, the singer-songwriter was instrumental in writing the newest 5 Seconds of Summer track, “Easier,” so today’s one full of highs and lows for this “clout chasing” pop star.

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