New Ross Lynch & Jaz Sinclair Pic From CAOS / Riverdale Baseball Game Proves There’s No Bad Blood Between The Alleged Exes

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New Ross Lynch   Jaz Sinclair Pic From  em CAOS em     em Riverdale em  Baseball Game Proves There s No Bad Blood Between The Alleged Exes ross lynch finally responds to rumors that he s dating his E2 80 98sabrina co star jaz sinclair ftr jpg

Instagram / Jaz Sinclair

We’ve already talked about the Ross Lynch and Jaz Sinclair breakup rumors. To be fair, they never confirmed they were together (though Ross did one time say they were each other’s ‘favorites.’) Plus, he said in a recent interview that he’s still looking for a girl who doesn’t want to be above the music. Then he was spotted out and about with Abbey Cowen, which sparked dating rumors of their own.

But it looks like there’s no beef between these two alleged exes because they were spotted goofing around at the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina / Riverdale / Arrowverse baseball game. We’d seen a bunch of photos showing Jaz with other CAOS costars and many believed that the two were steering clear of one another since their breakup. (There was a video from Lucy Davis that showed the two sitting on opposite sides of a room while Ross chatting with Abbey, but w/e.)

There was also a photo snapped of a big group of the CAOS baseball team… including Ross, Jaz, and Abbey (who was touching Ross’s shoulder).

Sure, it’s got to be awkward being on-set with your ex… especially after rumors start swirling that they’ve moved on with another costar, but Jaz seems happy as a clam at the baseball game and there seems to be nothing smiles on the field that day! It makes sense… Chilling Adventures of Sabrina won the game!