Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Stars Ross Lynch & Jaz Sinclair Seemingly Split

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ross lynch and jaz sinclair


Woof, it’s been a tough summer for Archieverse actors in real-life relationships with one another. Weeks after Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse battled breakup rumors, it’s looking like their companion show’s “it-couple” is also dealing with speculation about their split, as well. Ross Lynch and Jaz Sinclair have reportedly been dating for over a year, but the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina couple may be no more.

As you probably know, Ross and his brother Rocky Lynch perform as musical duo The Driver Era. During a recent interview with Milk.xyz, some of Ross’s quotes seem to be pointing as his breakup with Jaz.

“Even your girlfriend you could get sick of, you know what I’m saying?” Ross told the magazine. “Let’s say, for example, ‘Alright I need some alone time,’ but when it comes to your brother, it feels like alone time already.”

Rocky responded to his brother, saying, “I would love to find a girl that could be there with us,” and Ross said, “Yeah, me too. But, you know, so far they want to be above the music and that’s just not cutting it yet.”

Yikes. That definitely doesn’t sound like an interview clip from a dude in a happy relationship. Earlier this year, Ross skirted around confirming the dating rumors by stating that he and Jaz were just each other’s “favorite” and she’s his “closest friend right now.” But now both of their previous sappy Instagram posts for one another are mysteriously “no longer available” on IG.

They were last spotted smooching in New York City in April, and even though Chilling Adventures resumed filming season three in June, we’ve seen very little from the couple — save a cast photo in mid-July. Ross and Jaz were (are?) really giving Sprousehart a run for their money as “most private IRL couple in the Archieverse.” After all, we pretty much always know where Camila Mendes and Charles Melton stand! Come on, Lynclair… we need the deets!

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