Chris Brown And Offset’s Social Media Feud: Why Is Chris So Pressed?

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chris brown and offset social media feud

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This Chris Brown and Offset feud came out of nowhere, like the ICE agents who took 21 Savage. For real though, 21 Savage is probably going to be deported, but celebs like Demi Lovato and Chris still shared memes about his surprise British heritage because sometimes it’s funny to be mean.

Offset has decided this is where he draws the line (and not, like, at cheating on your pregnant wife, I guess) and has no patience for people making fun of 21 Savage, who’s going to be forcibly removed from his family and career prospects. Chris, always a gentleman, posted a 21 Savage meme on Insta and Offset was pretty chill about it TBH:

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Doesn’t look like #offset is playing around

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From there, things became progressively less chill. Why is Chris SO PRESSED?

Offset called him lame, and in response Chris went full Mike Tyson. He even posted on his Insta Story for good measure, so Offset went to *his* Insta Stories to call out Chris for trying to get his manager to “squash the sh*t” and told Chris that the only people Chris ever fights are women. Let this be your weekly reminder that Chris Brown hits women.

“I ain’t really have too much rap for you on this social media sh*t but since that’s where you wanna take it, tell the people why you had your management reach out to squash the shit!” Offset wrote. “Check my record and check yours only people you go toe to toe with is women and that’s for lame n*kkas.”

Chris and Offset are dead*ss acting like LAUSD high school students RN. Offset slid into Chris’s DMs with a “wya,” which is only used in two situations: booty calls or brawls. Chris responded that he’d be home at four, and Offset asked for his addy. This honestly all still sounds like a booty call to me, but OK. Then, Chris spent the rest of the day mocking Offset with memes in a display of dramatic irony, and Chris leaked his own address on the internet in an attempt to drag the Migos rapper. Sure, Chris, brag about living in Tarzana, a suburban neighborhood named after Tarzan. That’ll show him. Seriously, though, Tarzana is one of the most chill neighborhoods in Los Angeles. It’s not as wealthy as C-Bas, it has absolutely no street cred, and Chris’s address is down the street from Selena Gomez‘s parents’ old house. Is that supposed to scare offset? That Mr. and Mrs. Gomez might hear him threatening to beat Chris and call in a noise complaint with the police?

Offset has been pretty silent publicly, but Chris is still going full caps (not that type of Cap) on his Insta:

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Oh, y’all thought #ChrisBrown was done? ?? #Offset

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Are we not done yet? I’m tired. This is tired.

Chris says he’s gonna send Cardi B flowers as a sign of respect as if Offset really gives a sh*t about his baby mama when she can’t give him free publicity at the Grammys. Cardi deserves better, BTW.

This all started over 21 Savage, who clearly hasn’t been able to comment since he’s currently being deported. RIP. This culminated Friday morning when police pulled up to Chris’s house. Unlike 9/10 times that the police visit Chris Brown, they were actually checking in to make sure that he’s alright after receiving a call from a concerned fan. Chris assured the police that there weren’t any issues with Offset, and they went on their way. Was it all talk? Did the boys mistake this for *good* publicity? Did you know that if Chris Brown isn’t in the news for an assault accusation once a month, the world will actually start to spin backward?

Offset has been weirdly quiet about all of this, so hopefully, he’s gearing up to throw hands soon. We live for this sh*t.

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