Chris Wood Seems To Call Out Melissa Benoist’s Abuser: “Haven’t seen you in a while”

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We stan a supportive husband and that’s Christopher Wood. After Melissa Benoist shared her heartbreaking account of the emotional and physical abuse she endured from an ex, her husband tweeted that he would kiss her and “hold her tenderly” every day. A few days later, he wrote about how “you never know what’s going on behind the curtain,” and to treat people with kindness.

Now, the Vampire Diaries actor is tweeting about accountability — and fans feel pretty certain it’s shade towards Melissa Benoist’s abuser, whom many believe to be her ex-husband and Glee alum Blake Jenner.

“Oh hey, Accountability: are you still there? Haven’t seen you in a while,” he wrote.

Melissa shared her video on intimate partner violence two weeks ago on Wednesday, December 11, and, although Blake Jenner had been Instagramming and tweeting at least weekly prior to that, he’s been silent on social media ever since. It’s worth noting that Melissa herself did not call out Blake by name, but it’s an eye injury she described that happened while she was with Blake Jenner, in 2015, that’s lead many to think he’s the perpetrator.

Chris joined the cast of Supergirl during season two, where he met his future wife. Melissa and Chris started dating in 2017 and got engaged in February of this year. In September 2019, the two were married. He’s a CW mainstay and has known fellow Arrowverse star, Grant Gustin since college.

Blake Jenner, for his part, is taking part in an off-Broadway show Cyrano until just before Christmas. His last post on Instagram was five days before Melissa’s tell-all video and it was a photo of himself with Cyrano costar, Peter Dinklage. Since then, fans have called for him to recast in Merrily We Roll Along. The film is set to film over the next ten years and stars Ben Platt and Beanie Feldstein, but they’ve filmed the first part with Blake already.

It’s unclear how executives behind Merrily We Roll Along will respond to Melissa’s account and a lot of that also depends on how Blake chooses to confront this issue. One thing is for sure, though, Melissa is with the right man today and he wants the person who “pinned down and slapped [her] repeatedly,” to take responsibility for his actions.

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