Cole Sprouse Reveals Details Of His Bizarre First Kiss

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YouTube / W Magazine

*DISCLAIMER TO ALL SPROUSEHART FANS* Cole Sprouse has kissed someone other than Lili Reinhart in his life — you’ve been warned. Both actors recently revealed their spooky cover of W Magazine, confusing us even more about the status of their relationship. Along with the cover, Cole filmed a “Screen Test” video during which he discussed his acting career, his favorite birthday, and also his first kiss. You can probably guess that it definitely wasn’t as romantic as Bughead’s first smooch.

When speaking about his first date in the video, Cole revealed that it was actually in the back of a hearse, as was his first kiss. He said: “This is a weird story; that’s where I got my first kiss too.”

“Charlene — strange name as well. Her father was an offbeat man. He was an avid Hot Wheels collector but then he also owned a hearse and he was part of this hearse club, which is probably where my dark sense of humor comes from,” he continued. “I must have been seven, and Charlene and I and her father went to this ‘hearse gathering.'”

“We sat in that area of the casket and we pulled open the curtains and were making scary ghoulish faces out of the window to passing cars, which we thought was hilarious at the time and I still think it’s quite hilarious. Then, we pecked on the lips and it was just lightning in a bottle. I got the kiss of death.”

Unfortunately, Cole and Charlene didn’t go the distance as they went to different schools following their romantic encounter. “I remember lamenting the fall of our relationship at seven-years-old, thinking ‘CHARLENE!’ — a hopeless romantic.”

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During the 10-minute-long video, Cole also discussed his infatuation with his older co-stars in certain productions, such as Jennifer Aniston in Friends and Joey Lauren Adams in Big Daddy. Unfortunately, Cole doesn’t comment on his relationship with Lili Reinhart at all in the clip (the two are notoriously hush-hush about it), but he does talk about Riverdale and his return to acting quite a bit. Watch the full video below:


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