Cole Sprouse Likes Steamy Trailer for Lili Reinhart’s New Movie Hustlers

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Take that, breakup rumors! Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart have put fan concerns to rest with a cute show of mutual social media support! #Sprousehart fans are among some of the most devoted on the internet, and since Riverdale began filming this week, they have been desperate to see their favorite couple back together after Cole and Lili spent the hiatus working on separate projects. The couple has finally given online fans a token of their (digital) affection to tide us over until we see them on our screens in the new season of Riverdale.

Yesterday, Cole liked a steamy trailer for Lili’s new movie, Hustlers. Lili then commented and liked Cole’s latest Instagram post, which appeared to be a tongue in cheek celebration of the 4th of July. Cole’s brother, Dylan Sprouse and his on-screen family members Skeet Ulrich and Trinity Likins also commented on the post. We love a fake fam that sticks together.

The likes come at a time when a small section of online fans have openly fueled rumors of the couple’s breakup, so devoted Sprousehart shippers were glad to see that the two are liking each other’s social media posts. In the absence of press tours or new projects, online fandom is often driven by rumors, fan sightings, and social media posts so the smallest thing can send fans into a tizzy of speculation and reaction.

We’re just glad that our favorite Riverdale couple is still together IRL so we don’t have to cry through every Bughead scene during season four.

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