Cole Sprouse & Lili Reinhart “Legitimately Could Not Stay Away From One Another”

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Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart‘s relationship is sounding more and more like something out of a romance movie. When Cole was asked about his relationship with Lili during a Los Angeles Times interview promoting his new film Five Feet Apart, Cole said his relationship with Lili wasn’t a choice.

Cole guards his private life fiercely, so being in a highly-publicized relationship is pretty antithetical to his chosen way of life. Cole talked about how he and Lili “grapple” with how much of their relationship they can and should realistically share on social media without sacrificing their right to privacy, admitting that he tries not to post too many pictures of Lili on Instagram and regularly deletes older pictures of himself from his social media. Naturally, the interviewer asked why, then, if maintaining his privacy is such an important aspect of his social life, would he choose to date his costar (a.k.a. literally the most public relationship he could have gotten himself into), and Cole basically said that it was out of their control.

“We legitimately could not stay away from one another,” Cole shared.

Okay, WTF, that is so cute. Cole and Lili clearly won’t be sharing the details of their courtship anytime soon since they took like two years to even publicly admit that they were dating, but it sounds like their love story is something only YA novelists and teen fan fiction writers could come up with. “Unknown teen gets cast in the hottest new primetime soap opposite her childhood Disney Channel crush, and sparks immediately fly. She doesn’t want her private life to become front-page news, but will she learn love really does conquer all?” — description of Lili and Cole’s relationship or synopsis of a Twilight AU fan fic? You decide.

Cole and Lili’s relationship first became super, super obvious because of Instagram, where Cole regularly posts his professional artsy photoshoots which have included some intimate portraits of his now-GF. Cole spoke about how his university passion for archeology led him to his second career in fashion photography by fulfilling his “desire for learning and otherness.” Apparently, Cole just walked into One World Trade Center a few years ago, asked the receptionist at Conde Nast Traveler for a job, and got sent to their creative director, who gave him some unpaid assignments that he has now parlayed into high-profile (paid) gigs with Elle, Adidas, and J Brand. Is that not the most famous white male privilege BS you have ever heard? If a normal person walked up to the receptionist at a magazine and asked for a job, they would be pointed in the direction of a psych ward the elevators. TBH, real respects real and that took some BDE on Cole’s part.

If there’s anything to be learned from Cole’s interview, it’s to follow your passions, whether it’s professionally or romantically, even if they seem unattainable or unwise. Obviously, that advice doesn’t apply to, like, your deep passion for cocaine, that one you can probs leave in college. But if you’ve been crushing on a cute coworker or thinking of making a career change, take a page out of Cole (and Nike’s) book and Just Do It.

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