Cole Sprouse Drags KJ Apa’s Love Life On Instagram

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Last night, Riverdale star KJ Apa decided to gross out every single one of his 16.1 million Instagram followers when he uploaded a video of him catching a fly with his bare hands (ew) and then throwing it into a spider’s web for it to be eaten by an eight-legged creature. It was vile, commenters were horrified, but KJ reassured his followers that he was “just out here helpin the lads out[sic],” in his caption.

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just out here helpin the lads out.

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Most of the comments under the photo were along the lines of “this is sick” or “what the hell?” but KJ’s Riverdale co-star Cole Sprouse used the post to make a jab at his pal, and more specifically, his love life.

Under the video, Cole commented: “Live footage of your love life.” Savage.

Cole SProuse KJ Apa

Instagram / KJ Apa

Obviously, this has left us asking many questions: Is KJ the fly in the situation? Constantly getting chewed up and spit out by his love interests? Or is he the spider, trapping women in his web of lies before they even realize what’s happening? OR, is it even that deep and just Cole trolling his pal for likes? Probably the latter. One thing nobody is really sure of is where KJ’s love life really is at right now. The last anyone heard was that the Aussie was dating his A Dog’s Purpose co-star Britt Robertson. Back in July, People reported that the two were spotted getting cozy at the San Diego Comic-Con, holding hands and kissing.

There hasn’t been any further reports on the status of KJ and Britt’s relationship, so god only knows what aspect of his “love life” Cole is referring to with his comment. If it is as bad as a fly getting eaten by a spider, we’re sure there are LOTS of willing individuals out there who are happy to make it right again, KJ.

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