Cole Sprouse Is Getting Death Threats After Deleting Lili Reinhart’s Birthday Post From Instagram

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George Pimentel/Getty Images

Just when we thought everything was rosy in the relationship of Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart, fans think there’s trouble in paradise for the pair. For those of you who aren’t hardcore stans, Lili Reinhart’s 23rd birthday was last month and, as per tradition, Cole wished his girlfriend a happy birthday with a sentimental Instagram post. However, just three weeks later, fans have noticed that Cole has since deleted the post … and they’re not happy.

A Twitter user took to the site this morning to inform other fans that Cole deleted the touching tribute to Lili, while also claiming that “a trusted source confirms the separation of the Sprousehart couple.”

Riverdale fans are panicking because of the rumors that the pair have split, however, Cole’s fans have pointed out that the actor’s Instagram page is dedicated to his photography, and that the black and white photo grid of him and Lili just didn’t fit the aesthetic. That could be a legitimate reason, but some Twitter users aren’t happy with it. I mean, what kind of boyfriend doesn’t post photos of his girlfriend because it doesn’t fit his “theme”?

There are also reports that Cole (27), has been receiving death threats for removing the photo.

While a lot of fans think the Insta theme reason is more likely than a breakup, it is worth noting that Cole used to constantly post artsy photos of Lili on his page, once calling her his “muse.”

Could this really be the end of Sprousehart? The couple was spotted together just a couple of days ago, with a fan claiming that they saw them on the Love Bridge in Paris, writing their names on a lock and fastening it to the bridge. Doesn’t sound like something a rocky couple would do to us …

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