Victoria Monét Slams Website For Confusing Her With Normani: “This Is Lazy And Ignorant”

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Pictured above: Three women who look nothing alike. HITs Daily Double must have a massive case of prosopagnosia because the popular trade publication made a major mistake on Tuesday afternoon when they posted a picture mistaking Normani for Victoria Monét.

Victoria Mon t Slams Website For Confusing Her With Normani   This is Lazy And Ignorant  dictionary jpg

Twitter user @CandeceCampbell noticed the mistake, which brought it to the attention of Victoria herself. Victoria had a clapback locked and loaded, and her response was the perfect balance of classy and strong. Seriously, all HITs Daily Double had to do was Google Victoria to avoid this, or, IDK maybe actually watch “Monopoly.”

Hey, HITs, is your GPS even on (where you been)? Lazy and ignorant is right. It’s 2019, we have robots that can talk and the internet on our phones, there’s literally no excuse for making this type of mistake except maybe face blindness. If there was a picture of Ariana Grande next to Alicia Keys, would they tag that as Victoria, too? It takes only a modicum of respect to actually research the artists you’re writing about enough to be able to recognize them if they were walking down the street. I believe this is what we call a “microaggression,” or if you’re one of the millions of people of color that have to deal with this sh*t on a daily basis, “Tuesday.” Oh, and BTW, Normani RT’d the post.

The consensus on Twitter seems to be, “Outta here with that f*ckery.”

Other notable examples of major media outlets not knowing how to use Google include Fox News confusing Patti LaBelle and Aretha Franklin during their weak tribute to the soul queen. PSA, Patti is alive and kicking. Oh, and don’t forget when someone tagged Normani as Amandla Stenberg in a VMAs tweet. Why does no one know what Normani looks like? She was only in Fifth Harmony for like six years before her solo career, and it’s not like we’re seeing anyone out here tagging Camila Cabello as Gloria Estefan — a great example of two artists that look nothing alike even though they’re both Cuban. It’s almost like not all people of the same ethnicity are the same or something, wild.