Corinne Olympios Denies Plastic Surgery, But HS Yearbook Tells A Different Story

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In this week’s installment of “Bachelor Alums Struggle To Stay Relevant,” Corinne Olympios, 26, denied plastic surgery rumors on her Instagram Stories early this week.

“It’s still me,” Corinne said in the video, which came after a recent Instagram post led to a new wave of accusations that the reality show alum has used chin fillers, Botox, and lip fillers. “A lot of you seem to think I did plastic surgery on my face and you’re all sh*tting on me, so here I am.”

Corinne posted the no-filter, no-makeup video on Tuesday, US Magazine reports, but going makeup-free doesn’t really prove that her lips are real or that she didn’t get cheek fillers before going on The Bachelor. We want high school candids, Corinne!

For the of you who clicked on this article with no idea who Corinne is: First of all, why? Anyway, Corinne is best known for being the victim in a sexual assault allegation that almost shut down the only Bachelor franchise series still worth watching, Bachelor in Paradise, and for trying to win Nick Viall‘s heart through the inventive use of whipped cream, napping, and a bouncy house on season 21 of The Bachelor. After dodging that bullet, Corinne went on to release a line of Team Corn merch, founded a beauty brand called Platinum Beauty Shop, and was basically entrapped on Sascha Baron Cohen‘s prank show, Who Is America?. Corinne is a fun hybrid of the adage that all publicity is good publicity and the undeniable truth that entrepenurial Instagram models are going to take over the Earth.

To be fair, Corinne has gone through a lot in pursuit of internet fame, and people do seem to have confused a recent penchant for aggressive contouring with a recent trip under the knife. OK Magazine even noticed that a commenter speculated that a bottle of pills in the background of one of her photos could be for post-op recovery. These renewed rumors come after speculation that she got lip fillers in August 2017, which Corinne addressed on Twitter at the time.

US found a picture of Corinne’s high school yearbook where her lips look 150% smaller and she has what could honestly be an entirely different nose, so while I feel for the BIP alum, I’m pretty sure her post-grad glow up is from more than just eyelash extensions and a weave. Not that we’re hating, TBH. If you got the cash and want to get a little Nip/Tuck treatment, do you, girl.

Corinne’s Yearbook via US

Personally, I think Corinne is a businesswoman and an icon, and I encourage her to just admit to getting work done and move on. It’s almost 2019, we have bigger issues than whether a twenty-seven-year-old decided to invest in her future Instagram career with a trip under the knife. Also, after Bryan Abasolo‘s aggressive cheek fillers on The Bachelorette, we can give Corinne a break.

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