Corinne Olympios Keeps Doing Weird Skits On Insta And We’re Concerned

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Corinne Olympios has officially lost it. We loved to hate her on The Bachelor for doing crazy stuff all the time, like asking her boyfriend to eat whipped cream off of her in front of his other girlfriends or insisting that she runs a million-dollar company, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t almost buy one of her Team Corn long-sleeves when she decided to make her own merch line, but Corinne has gone from attention-seeking to desperately crying for help.

It all started two weeks ago when Corinne posted a series of Insta stories of herself in a black wig doing a weird impersonation of a talk show host for her Bachelor recaps. At the time, I thought, “Okay, maybe she’s just trying to be ~quirky~ because she’s the only Bachelor alum who doesn’t have a podcast.” A bit bold to do in front of 763k followers, but forgivable. Then, on January 14, she posted a weird skit video from the streets of Los Angeles.

I think it was supposed to be some type of self-burn about how much she loves compliments or something, but it looks like she hired an actual director for what is essentially a bad YouTube video from 2009. Like, remember when you were eleven and you thought you were super random and funny, so sometimes you would make videos of you and your friends on photobooth in your backyard? That’s what this looks like. But then Corinne went back to her regularly scheduled programming of trying to convince her impressionable followers to use a detox tea (that sh*t is scary) and bragging about her mediocre boyfriend (she can do better, js), and I thought it was over. I really did. I wasn’t super concerned when she did another Bachelor recap with her weird black-wig/Dark Betty-persona while drinking straight from a bottle of Jack Daniels. I mean, I was definitely *concerned* but the dark hair is honestly a good look for her, and we’ve all gotten drunk and posted dumb stuff on social media, so I let it go even though she was being way more extra in this recap than in the last one.

This brings us to yesterday, January 22, when Corrine posted yet another skit on her account, this time with a director, writer, and editor credited in the caption. Why anyone would want to publicly admit to being a part of this is baffling, but basically, the video shows Corinne taking advantage of a genie who offers to fix things around her house and possibly kidnapped Santa (?). Honestly, when she got in the shower and an older, mustachioed man appeared in her bathroom wearing a flannel shirt and a tool belt, I was thinking she might have gone the horror-short or softcore pornography route, and I can respect that. But no, just another weird comedy skit. Actually, the fifth weird attempt at ‘acting’ in roughly two weeks, if you count her weekly Bachelor recap she posted this morning.

It’s hard to see your idols fall. When Corinne was on The Bachelor comparing herself to Abraham Lincoln and sleeping through important obligations, I was all about it. She was legitimately funny, and all of her haters can find me on Twitter and fight me. The cheek-fillers post-Bachelor weren’t the best idea (who does she think she is, Bryan Abasolo?), but she was still the willfully ignorant wealthy white women we’d (well, kinda seems like it’s just me, but whatever) grown to love. These skits have me really worried though. We know she’s been trying to actually act after those weird reports came out that she was developing a scripted television show about dating, but it’s been two years with no word, so that probably fell through (RIP my hate-watching dreams). Now that she has taken matters into her own hands, she’s becoming one of the worst stereotypes in society: a 20-something Los Angeles actor trying to make “art.” Listen, many (many) relatively decent people become entirely unbearable as they spiral deeper into sh*t like “immersive theatre” and “self-written plays” and “VR comedy.” This leads nowhere good. Posting self-made comedy skits is a gateway drug to unironically putting “Influencer/Creator” in your Twitter bio and using more than four hashtags on all of your Instagram posts #cutegirls #greatcontent #actor #creator #ohgodpleasehelpme. Someone give Corinne a reality television show before it’s too late!

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