Twitter Is Freaking Out Because Maybe-13-Year-Old YouTube Star Danielle Cohn Is Pregnant

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Not gonna lie, this one’s a little confusing. Danielle Cohn, an Instagram influencer and YouTube star, announced her pregnancy yesterday on Instagram. She and her boyfriend Mikey Tua, who is 16 years old, have been together for a little over ten months (they celebrated their anniversary days ago). You may’ve noticed that we didn’t yet say Danielle’s age. That’s because it’s the confusing part. Though she claims that she’s 15 years old (still super young to have a baby, BTW), there are some internet allegations out there that the youngster is actually only 13 years old based on the age brackets she participated in while she was in pageants as a kid.

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This YouTube video breaks the age conspiracy theory down, but basically it shows that she was born in 2007, and her 4th-grade yearbook photo was also revealed which seems to back up the claims. Then again, Photoshop and video editing exists, so take it with a grain of salt.

Regardless of what Danielle Cohn’s *real* age, it’s pretty shocking that she’s pregnant at all. She and Mikey seem enthused about the bun in the oven, but anyone who watched 16 & Pregnant knows how much stress a newborn can put on a seemingly solid teen relationship.

Since they announced the pregnancy, the couple has been flooded with well-wishes from other Influencers that they’ve been sharing in their Instagram Stories. This, to many fans, is possibly even more shocking than the actual news itself.

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At this point, we just have to hope this is a Lil Xan-esque publicity stunt.

UPDATE 4/15: Danielle Cohn Responds To Rumors She Had A Fake Wedding With Mikey Tua

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