Danielle Cohn Responds To Rumors She Had A Fake Wedding With Mikey Tua

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Is it even legal to get married under 16 in Nevada? Pregnant YouTube star Danielle Cohn sure wants us to believe it is. After posting a genuinely cringe-worthy YouTube video where she and 16-year-old boyfriend Mikey Tua tell their parents that she took a positive pregnancy test, they want to keep the baby (the only option, their parents make clear), and they are planning to get married (which is why they flew out everyone to Las Vegas for the “surprise”), the pair shared Instagram photos from Vegas’s “The Little Vegas Chapel” — just days after they announced they had a bun in the oven among speculation that Dani is *actually* only 13 years old, according to YouTube sleuths.

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4-6-19?? the day I committed to my best friend.

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He’s my best friend forever? 4/6/19

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An Instagram account called @ShadingCelebs found the website for The Little Vegas Chapel and found that they specialize in Elvis weddings, traditional weddings, LGBTQ weddings, and — you guessed it — “Pretend Weddings.” The IG account posted screenshots with the caption “she’s laughable to me at this point.”

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she’s laughable to me at this point

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But Danielle caught wind of the rumors and commented on the post slamming the account for a) not watching her video and b) calling her laughable. She clapped back with a “No you guys are. Must not have watched the video we committed as best friends for life.” The legality of their nuptials is still super unclear — and even more controversial if the YouTube star is really barely a teenager as the internet seems to think. In Vegas, they would have needed to get court-ordered approval under 16 and parental approval under 18 in order to tie the knot under the eyes of the law. In their “We Are Expecting” YouTube video, their parents legitimately couldn’t tell if they were pulling a (pretty terrible) prank and at this point, we honestly have no clue. All we know is that they claim they got pregnant in a car while their friend was running into the grocery store and these two children are way too young to make such adult decisions.

Watch their “wedding video” below and let us know what you think in the comments because we truly are so confused.

[youtube_iframe id=”2x8guH7hsgc”]

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