Bachelor In Paradise Star Demi Burnett’s Homophobic Bully Lost Her Job

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Don’t mess with Demi Burnett.

The Bachelor In Paradise star received words of encouragement and positive messages from fans after she came out as bisexual on July 22, but not everyone was happy with the news.

One Twitter user, in particular, sent the reality star a lengthy private message which detailed the reasons why she doesn’t support her decision to date another woman. “I loved watching The Bachelor and Bachelor In Paradise but now everything has to have a dang f*ggot in it, I hate it,” she wrote in the message.

The reality star shared a photo of the insulting words on the social platform with the caption, “Twitter, do your thing,” urging her fans to put the hater in her place.

Fans and Bachelor co-stars quickly came to Demi’s defense on Twitter. One fan even went as far as to look up the woman’s employer — Salon 7 in Greenville, TN — and contact them with the news of their employee’s behavior.


The following day, Salon 7 took to their official Facebook page to confirm that, “due to some recent online activity,” the woman in question was no longer an employee at the company.

The owner of Salon 7 also directly messaged Demi to apologize on behalf of their former employee and confirm the news that she was no longer working with them.

“We do not condone any type of hate speech or behavior in our salon, as we do our best to walk in love,” she wrote. “I apologize deeply for any harm this behavior may have caused you or anyone else.”

“Salon 7 made it right. We STAN them for taking action,” Demi wrote on Twitter. “Now everybody go give them good reviews so the salon doesn’t suffer from the ignorance of one bad egg.”

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