Demi Lovato’s Comments On Billie Eilish’s Body Catch Heat

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Demi Lovato may have just put out a self-love anthem “I Love Me,” with a nostalgic music video to match, but recent comments the singer made about 18-year-old Billie Eilish has fans dragging the Sonny With A Chance actress.

“What stands out to me about Billie is that she is going opposite of what everybody expects a 17-turning-18-year-old to do in the pop industry, which is to take off your clothes, be sexy,” Demi said, according to PopCrave. “She’s just totally staying authentic to herself, she’s keeping her body a mystery.”

While Demi may feel that it’s empowering for her to be talking the way that Billie keeps her body “a mystery,” others remarked that Demi’s near-constant commentary on other people’s bodies is reinforcing a societal problem of which she is personally a victim. Additionally, some of her words have been construed as slut-shaming since Demi insinuates it’s better to *not* “take off your clothes” or “be sexy.”

“Why does she always want to comment on people’s bodies?” one fan wrote on Twitter, while another wrote, “why does this lowkey sound … like shaming[?]”

“so if i am a 18 year old singer who wants to look sexy and feels body confident (and so shows body) then i am a wh0re and doing it for clout? makes no sense to me, and lorde already did what billie is doing, spoiler=she did it better, but still billie is great,” another said.

But some Demi fans came to the “Body Say” songstress’s defense, saying that the full quote shows that she really is a Billie fan and not just hung-up on the younger star’s body. In the complete quote, which has been posted to Twitter, Demi continued, “I’ve heard her say in interviews because she doesn’t want to give that power to other people and I think that’s so powerful and awesome. But I also think she’s being totally authentic to herself as an artist and I love what she’s creating, so I’d love to do something with her one day.”

“demi literally said [this] cause she knows what is it to be on the industry this young and being forced to look/do certain things cause the industry is disgusting to woman [sic]. idk how y’all can bare with urselves [sic] claiming to be feminists and everytime she addresses something you do this,” on Lovatic wrote.

While Demi’s quote was likely well-intentioned, it’s probably worth mentioning that Billie has said she personally doesn’t appreciate praise for covering up her body. Also, the more we dwell on bodies at all, for positive or negative reasons, the more we promote ideals that put physical bodies before all else.

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