Demi Lovato Claps Back At Body-Shaming Troll Who Says They Want to “Discuss A Diet Plan”

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We’re still mad at Demi Lovato for sticking with Scooter Braun when it comes to all this Taylor Swift drama, but I guess WBK that Demi has been pressed over Taylor for quite some time so maybe we should have seen it coming.


We’re going to take a break from feeling completely betrayed by the “Daddy Issues” singer, anyways, because she just clapped back to a really f*cked up hater in the best way. An Instagram user named @Selenuer posted a paparazzi shot of Demi getting into the car with the caption, “hey demi dm me so we can discuss a diet plan for you,” attempting to fat-shame a singer who’s gone on the record to admit she struggled with bulimia and drug addiction as a result of her body dysmorphia, fame, and trauma. But instead of letting the haters get her down, Demi took the time to respond to “Selenuer,” who BTW only has 61 followers.

“I actually am choosing not to diet and fall back into unhealthy behaviors at the risk of losing my sanity or mental health but thank you for the offer! Super sweet ?,” she wrote. Wonder if she was channeling former BFF Selena Gomez in that moment?


Either way, if you need ~the receipts~ see below.

For the other people commenting on Selenuer’s post, most are Demi stans trying to emulate their idol’s spirit. One wrote, “Don’t know what you’re going through to make you post this? But stay strong. ❤️ have a beautiful day. Never forget, you’re beautiful and worthy of life.” Since Selenuer is a Selena fan, others asked the OP to reflect on how Sel would feel about someone who stans her having such negative energy towards other human beings. The answer is: probably not very good.

And not to bring it back to Taylor and Scooter (even though that’s *legit* all we can think of this week), Swifties should be having similar reflections when they flood Sia and Demi and Sophia Bush‘s comments with abhorrent, violent statements. Taylor wanted to bring light to a really messed up thing happening in the music industry but she never would condone violence and you know it.

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