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Demi Lovato Reportedly Agreed to Enter Rehab After She’s Released From the Hospital

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Fans are still waiting on an update straight from Demi Lovato herself, but for now, reports will have to do — and the latest makes it seem like Demi could be under the watchful eye of doctors for a long time. According to TMZ, Demi is reportedly going straight to rehab after she leaves the hospital, although it doesn’t sound like the site has all the details just yet.

As a source claiming to be close to the situation told TMZ, Demi’s family finally had the difficult conversation about rehab with her after putting it off for a while because of how sick she’s been since the overdose. Supposedly, they didn’t want to upset her while she was trying to get out of the danger zone, but when they finally talked to her about it, she reportedly agreed to go, and plans have been made with the facility she’ll be at. TMZ wasn’t told which treatment center she’ll be staying at, though.

The insider also said that she’ll be getting out of the hospital “any day now” and will be going straight to the treatment center, without even going home first. It has to be so hard to go straight to an inpatient facility after being hospitalized, but we’re so glad that it sounds like Demi is taking her health seriously and doing what she needs to so she can get sober again.

Another TMZ report published Friday claimed that her assistant was the one who found her unconscious in her home last week and thought she was dead because she reportedly wasn’t breathing and was unconscious. However, the site added that her bodyguard was able to perform CPR and possibly clear her airway so that she would be able to breathe until the ambulance arrived and paramedics were able to administer Narcan, a drug that reverses the effects of an opioid overdose.

Unfortunately, Demi’s rep still hasn’t offered any updates since the initial statement confirming her hospitalization and asking for privacy, and Demi hasn’t been on social media at all — that part makes sense, considering how seriously ill she’s been. All that matters right now is her health and getting back on track with her sobriety.

Above all else, we’re just glad that it sounds like Demi’s out of the woods and getting help. As much as we want to hear from her, we’re willing to wait until she’s ready to let fans know how she’s doing. And until then, it sounds like there are plenty of people rooting for her recovery. Fingers crossed it’s a speedy one.


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