Demi Lovato Is Accused Of “Shading” Taylor Swift During The VMAs

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that the MTV Video Music Awards took place in Newark last night. All the stars turned out for what’s probably the biggest music event of the year, all except Demi Lovato (and Ariana Grande, but she was busy). Demi kept it pretty quiet that she wasn’t going to make an appearance at the show, up until last night when it was airing.

Demi took to her Instagram Stories late last night to post this cryptic message about the award show. On a black screen, she wrote: “I skipped the VMA’s for a REASON” and then added, “well that and I just hate award shows.”

Even though Demi said there was a reason she skipped the show, she didn’t actually say what it was. Still, Taylor Swift fans think she did it to shade the singer, who just released her latest album, Lover. Demi and Taylor have never publicly fallen out, but Demi is managed by Scooter Braun, who Taylor has been feuding with for months. When Taylor wrote her blog post about Scooter purchasing her masters back in July, Demi was one of the people who spoke in defense of her manager.

For that reason, Swifties are CONVINCED Demi boycotted the show as a protest against Taylor, who opened the show and took home the award for Video of the Year.

Demi fans are now defending the singer, who has been teasing a “big surprise” on her Instagram Stories for the last couple of days. Realistically, she never once mentioned Taylor when saying why she didn’t want to go to the show.

Do you think Demi was throwing shade? Or does she really just “hate award shows”?

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