The Dixie Chicks Unfollowed Taylor Swift & Deleted Their “Lover” Post — But With Reason

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Dixie Chicks Unfollowed Taylor Swift

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Swifties have been spreading a rumor that The Dixie Chicks unfollowed idol Taylor Swift On Instagram and deleted their post praising Lover, on which they’re featured, and it’s true. But don’t worry, there’s no drama, no tea, and no shade. It’s for a completely legit reason.

In fact, The Dixie Chicks have pretty much wiped their whole social media to prepare for their next era. The trio announced their upcoming single, “Gaslighter,” and erased all other posts on their Instagram. They’re also now only following four people — Jack Antonoff, and Dixie Chicks members Martie Maguire, Emily Trayer, and Natalie Maines. You’ve got to wonder why Swifties started this rumor like there was drama. Aren’t we over girl feuds?

The origin of the post appears to come from Insta user Love, Nathan, who posted an IG Story writing “Oop the dixie chicks unfollowed Taylor and deleted there [sic] posts about Lover,” along with the “proof” — the Dixie Chicks’ follower list.

The Dixie Chicks and Taylor Swift collaborated on her track “Soon You’ll Get Better” after Tay teased the collab with a pin on her Entertainment Weekly cover. More recently, Taylor told Variety she was afraid that speaking out about politics would work for her career the way it did for the Dixie Chicks — badly.

“I saw how one comment ended such a powerful reign, and it terrified me,” she said. “These days, with social media, people can be so mad about something one day and then forget what they were mad about a couple weeks later. That’s fake outrage. But what happened to the Dixie Chicks was real outrage. I registered it — that you’re always one comment away from being done being able to make music.”

ICYMI: Natalie once made a comment about President George W. Bush and received a lot of backlash from their country music fans and the industry as a whole.

But we can rest easy knowing that there’s no “Bad Blood” between any of these fierce women. The Dixie Chicks are just preparing for big things and want to start fresh.

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