The Dolan Twins Had To Beg Fans Not To Crash Their Dad’s Funeral

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The Dolan Twins took to Twitter last week to beg fans not to crash their father’s funeral. This comes after a flurry of tweets surfaced where viewers posted they were going to use the event as an opportunity to meet the twins (which is super messed up).

Sean Dolan, Ethan and Grayson’s father, lost his battle with cancer after two-and-a-half years on January 19. The nineteen-year-old twins, understandably, decided to take a social media hiatus to process the tragedy. Meanwhile, NBC reports that fans started using the hashtags #SeanDolanMeetUpParty and #seandolanfuneralparty, much to the chagrin of other content creators and actual sane fans, who likely alerted the Dolan brothers to the impending threat. This forced the twins to press pause on their social networking break after only three days to remind fans that their father’s funeral isn’t the right place to chase your YouTube crush.

It’s hard to say what the worst part about this situation is, that it exists at all or that the former Vine stars had to placate their fans with “we appreciate you” and “thank you” before addressing it. Most of the responses to the twins tweets have echoed the same sentiment: that it’s horrifying the twins had to deal with this in the first place.

Because YouTube fans can’t be trusted, the Dolan family had police officers and private security at Sean’s wake. It seemed to go as well as possible since Ethan tweeted the day after the funeral mass saying “Thank You.” Grayson tweeted the day after his brother saying “I miss you guys.”

The twins first opened up about their father’s diagnosis in 2016 during their video “You’re Not Alone,” sharing with their fans the shock of Sean’s diagnosis and their coping mechanisms.

“Recently, our dad was diagnosed with cancer. And, you know, the news was just thrown in our face, and we really didn’t know how to act at first,” Grayson said at the time. “I just try to appreciate every moment that I’m with my dad and being with my family and being with my friends. It also made me really appreciate my health and realize how important it is to not take things like that for granted.”

“Just take a deep breath. Go through that big stack of paper of terrible news and find the positives in it,” Ethan added. “Positives are everywhere. You might just have to look a little bit harder for them.”

Sean’s illness likely worsened in late 2018 when Grayson posted a series of tweets starting with “F*ck cancer” and ending with a message of support to anyone who might be going through a similar struggle.

Sean was a dedicated educator before his passing and was described in his obituary as a “popular and well-loved teacher, principal, superintendent, and coach” who will be remembered for his selflessness and genuine care for the people around him.

We send the Dolan Twins and condolences our condolensces during this difficult time.

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