Dove Cameron Mocks Shane Dawson’s Disney Conspiracy Theories

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Dove Cameron is a sassy Twitter warrior and we’re so here for it. The 23-year-old took to Twitter last night to address a video that accused her of “lying” about how well she remembers her lines on set. Twitter user @wickedlydove edited a clip of Dove talking about how well she remembers her lines, before including clips from BTS footage of the Descendants movies where she can be heard asking what her lines are. We know — petty AF.

Dove replied to the tweet explaining what she meant when she said she never forgets a line. “noooooo that’s not what i meant,” she wrote. “i mean if it’s in the film, the final film, and i’ve said it, not like, still learning it, i will remember how i delivered it and the speech pattern and intonation and things like that. i can hear my own voice back, like a recording, in my head.[sic]”

Fans of Dove continued to troll her in her mentions by jokingly referring to her as “shady” and a “liar.” One fan joked with the actress by tweeting: “this is what happens when they get tOO biG for DisNey[sic],” referring to her Disney star status.

Dove responded to the fan by subtly throwing shade at YouTuber Shane Dawson. She wrote: “shane dawson was right !!!! @ all my friends Look dove cameron wears black and shows her collarbones she’s turning into a bADgzirL[sic]”

Dove’s tweet refers back to Shane Dawson’s “Disney conspiracy theory” he posted on YouTube back in 2017 where he predicted Dove would slowly start to post “sexy” Instagram photos and music videos, causing Disney to release her from her contract and she would be “free.”

Dove then went on to like this tweet that further illuded to Shane’s prediction that she’d be kicked from Disney.

Okay, so Dove’s tweet could mean she agreed with Shane’s theory back in 2017, or she could be mocking the entire thing altogether. It hasn’t been announced that the actress has cut ties with Disney, seeing as Descendants 3 just came out over the summer. However, she has started releasing her own music, which some people see as her distancing herself from the company.

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